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7-Day Retreat with Wayne Coger and Susan Schepp

February 16, 2019 - February 23, 2019

Wayne Coger

Susan Schepp

Wayne and Susan will both give talks and be available to meet with others individually and in groups. See Wayne’s page for more information about him, including links to his recently posted New Year’s retreat talks. The following quote from Wayne may be of interest to anyone asking what is the value of attending retreat.

 . . . there’s . . . a sense that people find strength in working together. . . . The coming together of people in a retreat to sit together, to dialogue together and to question—one on one with the person giving the talks or with each other—facilitates this inquiry. The quiet presence of each other deepens and strengthens the energy of the sitting as well. Even if, in the sitting, something comes up that’s disturbing, we may see that it’s ok, that it’s good that the disturbing stuff is exposed. And there is this possibility of working with each other, seeing what comes up, what kind of clashes may occur, even in a retreat environment. . . . It’s a chance to see our reactions and our interactions, as they play out, in a silent community, in communion with each other as well as in . . . a personal quest. — from a new book, Cypress Trees in the Garden, the Second Generation of Zen Teaching in America by Richard McDaniel.

Susan has a deep commitment to meditative work and has been involved in the Center since its inception. She has a small collection of poems she’s written at the Center, including one she read during a talk last June:
Ripples upon ripples
stretch across the pond
The golden glistening stems of cattails
bend graciously in the wind
paying homage to the day.
Leaves released from their trees
gently float across the sky.
One wonders
is there really such a thing as inside and out?

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February 16, 2019
February 23, 2019