Your input welcomed on the Center’s WordPress website

With Richard Witteman’s interest and encouragement, the Center’s website content management system has been switched to WordPress, and the site has been updated.  Though only 17, Joseph Shearer provided expert help during the process, aided by Richard, staff and friends.

The site is not yet complete. Work is still in progress on online access to books and audio/visual recordings. But now for the first time a video is available through the website –  An Interview of our founding teacher Toni Packer by Joan Tollifson, filmed in 1994 by Paula Kimbro. The video is also available on YouTube, along with six videos posted by Michael Peters of Toni’s talks (in German) at the 1996 retreat at Haus der Stille, Roseburg, Germany, filmed by Daniela Butsch.

To make the site operate most effectively, your feedback is needed and very welcome. Please contact us with your comments, requests, and (hopefully rare) reports of any difficulty in using it.