I’ts snowing in Springwater, NY… what else is new?

I'ts snowing in Springwater, NY... what else is new?

Winter at Springwater Center

This is a great time to schedule a personal retreat, guest or volunteer stay. If any of these appeal to you contact Maggy in reception to reserve a room.

This year has brought temperatures in the single digits and below along with lots of snow here in Springwater. Inside the Center, however, are warm spaces and warm hearts.

Twelve brave souls, traveled through snow and ice to attend the January All Day Sitting. Now, with the next silent retreat not occurring until February 17, all is quiet and we’d be pleased to welcome you.

February 17-24 – Seven-day meditation retreat with Susan Schepp and Wayne Coger

Susan and Wayne will facilitate this retreat together. This will be their second time as co-presenters. In this retreat they will alternate giving daily talks, and each will offer private meetings and take part in group dialogues. More information about Susan and Wayne is available on our website. Limited space is available in this retreat.
Here are some words from Wayne about meditation:
“It is an incredibly quiet, still morning and there is just the lightest presence of snow; an incredibly beautiful dance of snowflakes. And perhaps there is some quieting within us, sitting together for several days, there might be some space—space between thoughts and space with the thoughts. In any moment there can be a cascade of thinking and in another moment, we are empty—empty and open and wonderfully quiet. Does anything have to disturb this quiet? Can there be quiet and thinking as well as quiet and doing—cooking, cleaning, or walking on the icy driveway or the icy path? Walking carefully—full of care, listening to the crunch, the feeling of a slight slip, catching oneself and looking up to trees, sky, open fields and forest. Everything here, nothing out of place—everything as it is… (continue reading)
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Forest Loop Trail

by Susan Scheppp

Upon entering the forest loop trail from fields of endless goldenrod and warm sunlight glittering from all the greenery, one notices the cool air in the dimly lit forest.

How refreshing it feels in the quiet stillness among the trees and twittering birds.

I have walked this trail hundreds of times. It is home. A soothing welcoming place of unconditional love and beauty. 

Everything is in its place in balance and harmony. Dried brown leaves, sticks strewn everywhere, rotting tree limbs, mushrooms popping out from under the leaves, and acorns randomly scattered about the forest floor. In all this seeming disorder everything is where it belongs.

Click here to read more of Susan’s writing. 

Exciting News – Renovations Planned

As more and more guests request single rooms and with staff occupying the cabins and apartment, it’s become clear that some more private space is needed. Once given the go-ahead by the local building inspector, work will  begin in Room One on the ground floor. The plan is to expand the room to include an ensuite bathroom and a small area for a microwave, sink and small refrigerator. Updates to come.
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Plan Ahead

Springwater Center Calendar of Events is available online. Be sure to visit our website so you can plan your retreat in advance.
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