Toni’s talks on YouTube

Many of Toni’s talks have been uploaded to the Center’s YouTube site. . We have begun and will continue to add brief descriptions and links to specific talks below. Tto locate a specific talk click on the highlighted day.


MAY 1991

Day 1 – Authority; listening to ourselves; listening without self-center.

Day 2 – What am I supposed to do here?  Listening without intention.  Stories & images about ourselves.

Day 3 – Feelings of isolation in doing this work.  Why do we want to share things?  Wanting; thinking; what cuts us off?

Day 4 – Seeing without judgment.  How does one live with sadness.

Day 5 – Does this work result in excessive self examination?  Can we decide to stop addictive behavior?

Day 6 – Are we responsible for our thoughts?  Do we need to be happy?  What is a meaningful life?