Memorial Tributes to Toni

Clouds (for Toni) – Poem sent by Peter MacLachlan for the Memorial

I read the letter that tells me
you are gone…
expected, yes but…
I walk to the window
look out on the sky,
across at the mountains
where traces of cloud hover
gracing their peaks.
I look out on the world
and think of you…
I remember,
how we would watch gentle wisps of cloud
paint the sky
with broken strokes
of cream and crimson,
drift, with serene abandon,
high above the teaming world.
how we would watch
the gentle hues of ivory
turn to grey
turn dark and nebulous
in the brooding sky.
watch the sun return,
burn away all trace
of what was there,
that seemed so real,
so alive…
watch the light shift
to twilight,
the soft light of evening,
and fade…
now I look out on this fading day
remembering the light
that lay in your eyes…
remembering your smile,
your laughter, your steady gaze…
and the tears that clouded your eyes
in those fleeting moments of grief…
and now I feel those same tears
wet upon my cheek,
but only feel the echo
of your warm embrace…
whatever the mystery
of our being,
you abide still
here with me,
here in the deepest recess
of my heart…
until the day I journey too
across the wide expanse of fading skies,
fading time,
beyond the distant reach
of life, of death,
and all things in-between…