December News Update

Check out what we’ve been doing and what’s up next… What we’ve been doing, what we plan to do and how you can help As the end of the year approaches looking back seems irresistible. Over the past months, along with keeping up with day to day maintenance, staying ready for Retreats, All Day Sittings, … Read More

Looking into questions arising during retreat

by Stew Glick   There were a number of questions that came out of meetings yesterday. I was undecided about which question to look at, so maybe I’ll just start by reading them all. And just to say, too, that a question isn’t mine or yours. It may be that at this moment it doesn’t … Read More

Kind Attention

by Richard Witteman Sitting in this room with sunlight streaming in, there is a sense of wonder at simply being here. Earlier, walking along a path near the house, these feet touching the ground, this body moving, the sense of balance, the smell of earth, the sound of a bird — these simple movements so … Read More

The Spirit of Inquiry

One of the things I love about this work is how practical it is in everyday life, how the spirit of inquiry keeps bringing me back to direct experience, to what is here, right now. The spirit of inquiry has a quality of simple honesty. A willingness to be with the tapestry of feeling and … Read More

Resting in Presence

by Richard Witteman There is a wonderful line by the 9th-century Chinese Zen teacher Huang Po, which is often read by Toni on the last day of retreat: “Your sole concern should be, as thought succeeds thought, to avoid clinging to any of them.” For several months this phrase has been with me, and is … Read More