Stew Glick

 Stew returned to retreat life at the Center last year , leading a wonderful 3 day retreat in early April. This Fall we are excited to welcome him back to hold another 4 day retreat from October 12-16th.

In addition to leading retreats, Stew worked for many years as the administrator of the Center and is one of the people Toni Packer named to help carry on the meditative work of Springwater.

Stew now lives in Rochester, NY where he and his wife Lisa Schwartz meet with interested people at their home.

Some words from Stew give some flavor of his approach:

“An important ingredient in meditative inquiry is this act of open listening. Listening, wondering and not knowing: this can all happen alone or together with like-minded people. Looking together with others has the opportunity wherein someone might point something out that we haven’t noticed or seen before. In the spirit of something Nisargadatta – an Indian teacher – once said, in an instance such as this . . .’What does it matter, who is who?!” What matters most is the looking itself – in which there is truly no ‘me’ and no ‘you’. Can we meet together in that spirit?”