Food and Accommodations

Springwater Center offers simple yet comfortable accommodations for guests. We seek to provide for all the basic needs and comforts of those who come as a visitor or retreat participant.

Rooms are simple but practical, with space for sleeping, storage, and desks. Outside of retreat, guests can almost always stay in single rooms unless they request to share a space with a friend or partner. During retreat, rooms are often shared to accommodate more people, but a limited number of single rooms is available to reserve at an additional cost on our Retreat Registration Form. A studio apartment with a private bath and kitchenette that accommodates up to two people may also be available at an extra cost, depending on availability.

On retreat, the center’s vegetarian kitchen provides three hot meals per day. Most menu items are vegan and special dietary considerations such as gluten sensitivity can be accommodated. Retreatants are also welcome to bring personal food and store it in a dedicated guest refrigerator to supplement the menu according to their dietary needs.

Outside of retreat, the center serves a hot, vegetarian lunch with vegan and gluten-free options, five times a week. For other meals, guests have access to the kitchen to help themselves to our hot and cold breakfast items, fruits and fresh vegetables, as well as an abundance of leftovers in the kitchen refrigerator.

The kitchen prepares meals using organic and locally sourced food and ingredients as much as possible. Through the years we have developed trusted relationships with local organic farmers, maple syrup producers, organic markets and wholesalers. 

If guests have special dietary needs, they are asked to explain their situation when they make a reservation so that the kitchen may best accommodate them.