Stay as a Guest

The information in the following links applies for guest stays when the Center is open to in-person visits:

While the Center is closed due to the pandemic, only the small rustic cabin is available to guests. There is no access to the main building, except for the use of a shower during the hours of 4:30PM and 7:30PM. Please email the receptionist at for information, availability and rates.

The following information applies for guest stays when the Center is open to in-person visits:

Guest stays can be a great way to get an introduction to the work of the center in a less formal setting, to engage in a personal retreat, or to simply have some quiet time in the midst of a beautiful natural setting.

Guests may maintain silence during their visit if they wish. The atmosphere is generally quiet, however during staff work hours, guests can expect to hear the sounds of daily life: kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, power tools, conversation, laughter, etc. It is usually possible to find a quiet space in the building.

There is a weekly meditation schedule in which guests are welcome to participate: two rounds of morning sitting from 7-8am Tuesday through Saturday, and two rounds of evening sitting 7-8pm Tuesday and Thursday. Guests may participate in all, part, or none of these offerings.

During the Quiet Weeks periods, additional structure is offered to support guest stays, such as weekly dialogue groups, and additional effort on the part of staff to maintain a quiet and meditative atmosphere.

The sitting room is available at any time. You may also sit in your room or other areas of the building, as well as on the many benches placed along the trails. Private meetings with teachers can be arranged upon request.

To request a guest visit, please use our guest stay form or contact us.

COVID-19 update: Except for the Guest Cabin, the Center is closed to in-person visitors at present, in accord with New York State guidelines. We are now offering a variety of programs online.