From the very beginning, the Center has functioned thanks to the generosity of its supporters. Because fees and membership dues meet only a part of the cost of operations and development, additional support is needed and much appreciated. Please give as a way to ensure that the work of the Center may continue and that its facilities and staff are well cared for.

The Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Contributions are tax-deductible as provided by law. You will receive receipts for tax purposes for your contributions.

Ways to Give

General Donations

General donations help with the day-to-day cost of operations and purchases of equipment. The General Fund sustains the staff, facilities, extensive grounds and all the activities we take part in at the Center.


Our most immediate need is to build a garage to house our truck, tractor, mower and other equipment. We have invested a considerable amount into the equipment needed to maintain the driveway, grounds, meadows and trails at the Center. To preserve this investment and to facilitate maintenance we need a good covered storage facility.

Your contribution to the development fund will help make this project possible and would be greatly appreciated!


Membership carries great benefits outlined on our membership page. But it is also a simple way to provide ongoing support. Dues are very affordable: $50 per quarter for residents of the U.S., $35 per quarter for Canadians, $25 per quarter for other countries. Membership Auto-Pay is available to keep your dues up to date and also save the Center the cost of sender dues reminders.

The Retreat Assistance Fund

Not everyone can afford full retreat fees. A donation to this fund increases the range of people who will be able participate in and benefit from the meditative work we offer.


AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon, where customers may shop just as they do on Amazon. When you set up an account with AmazonSmile and make Springwater Center the beneficiary of your eligible purchases, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the Center.

Donations of Appreciated Stock

Donations of appreciated stock are of great help to the Center, and save the donor from having to pay capital gains tax. The donor is entitled to an income tax deduction on the fair market value of the stock. The Center will sell the stock on receipt for its full market value without having to pay taxes on the proceeds. Please contact the Center if you are wish to donate stock so we’ll recognize the gift when you transfer it to our brokerage account.

Transfer to:

Charles Schwab DTC # 0164
for Springwater Center account 9474-4022
Springwater Center Tax ID 22-2395914

Required Minimum Distributions from an IRA

You may donate your IRA distribution to Springwater Center. Retirees typically need to pay income tax on withdrawals from traditional retirement accounts. However, retirees ages 70½ or older who directly transfer their IRA withdrawals of up to $100,000 to the Center will not owe income tax on the distribution. Funds must be transferred directly from the IRA to Springwater Center by the IRA trustee in order to qualify for the tax break. If you withdraw the money from your IRA and later donate it, it won’t qualify as a tax-free qualified charitable distribution.

Donations in Kind

Contact the Center if you have an item or items you’d like donate. We may not accept every In-Kind donation offered, but we are often in need of and grateful for specific articles.

Providing Long Range Support

Please consider making a bequest to the Center in your will, or making it the beneficiary of a living trust or insurance policy. Bequests may take the form of a specific amount of money, a percentage of the estate, or an asset. The taxable portion of your estate is reduced by the value of the bequest to the Center. Please contact the center for more information.