Sandra Gonzalez

November 10-17th, 2018  – Silent Meditation Retreat with Sandra-  Sandra will be returning from Nicaragua to hold this November retreat. She will be giving daily talks, and will take part in group dialogues and be available for private meetings. Space is available for full and part-time participants.

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Un nuevo articulo en Español: Acción Completa

Sandra Gonzalez has led retreats in both English and Spanish for several years. She began working with Toni in 1988. Previously, she studied at other meditation centers.

Sandra spends much of the year in Springwater. She also leads or participates in several retreats away from Springwater each year.

Sandra was born and raised in Nicaragua. She has three children and seven grandchildren that she visits regularly. She can be contacted by e-mail in English or Spanish at

The following quotation is from an article by Sandra from the Summer 2007 Newsletter entitled “Awareness invites Awareness: A Meditative Way of Being Together.”

“Presence invites presence when there is no resistance, no ownership of ideas, experiences or things, no worrying, no hurrying, no judging, no defending–just the ease of life when we meet without wanting things to be otherwise. Certainly we all can participate; presence is free and available to all of us. There is a true beauty in this.

Looking deeply right now into the question, “What is it that truly touches us?” The truth of it all is that I don’t know. Presence/tenderness/love cannot be known but can be felt and touched very palpably. Whatever I have named or described, is not it. One can describe what took place the best one can, but the description is not the actual thing. Words cannot reach it, nor define it. Definitions and descriptions are merely attempts by the mind to describe the indescribable just for the sake of sharing. So be it.”