Summer Happenings

Summer is here!  The daylight is lasting longer, the variety of residential critters are done hiding from the cold, and there are many summer offerings and updates to share! Staff Opening at Springwater Center The Center is preparing to bid farewell for now to Kieran Mead-Ward, and his partner Gabrielle Maisels.  Kieran has contributed in … Read More

Early Summer Update

Spring has brought much life back to the grounds in many shapes, sizes and colors. We continue looking for ways to best serve and communicate with this community, and look forward to sharing space with all who are interested—whether that be in silence or in dialogue, in-person or online.  If you are interested in receiving … Read More

New: What is Meditation?

Translated by Robert Watson   What is meditation? The word summons up a host of associations. When we hear the word, we see people from different cultures and backgrounds engaged in Christian contemplation, or Buddhist meditation, doing Zen, or perhaps following Tibetan traditions. So many images come up from what we’ve heard or from what … Read More

Upcoming Spring Events

Spring Update Spring’s beauty is burgeoning slowly this year in Springwater. Covid precautions are in place and there is space available in all upcoming retreats with different options offered for in-person and online participation. Take a look! Covid Update: Vaccination plus one booster is currently required. Masks are required during in-person events. Testing is not currently … Read More

Is Meditation Enough?

by Wayne Coger   Questions come up from time to time about whether meditation and inquiry are enough, or if what we call “this work” even works. Will meditation bring about the changes I desire and is it sufficient to alleviate psychological/emotional distress? Perhaps there is initial interest in meditation, in inquiry and retreating, but … Read More