What Is The Highest Calling of My Heart?

by Stew Glick …I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe. John Lewis, from his final words shortly before his death, as printed in the New York Times, July 30th, 2020. A beautiful, moving piece, well worth reading. What is the “highest calling” of … Read More

February/March News Update

Upcoming online retreats offer opportunities to quiet down inside. Winter Reflections On a moonlit night in Springwater, NY snowflakes fall softly to the ground, each flake a unique wonder. One falls on another and then another joins until something new forms like some preordained plan. So graceful. When we humans come together it is perhaps … Read More

2020 Year End News

Good news of community, online retreats and meditation sittings As the Year Ends   A year that presented dramatic and unforeseen challenges is coming to an end with a feeling of renewed energy. In March this year a younger generation of staff and volunteers rapidly responded to the Center’s closing by erecting an online platform … Read More

November/December Update

Good news of online events, a cabin and garage, but your help is essential Annual Appeal It is because of the generous contributions of so many of you over the years and attendance at retreats that Springwater Center has remained a place for both group and individual retreats. This year we have had to close … Read More

September October News

End of Summer and Early Fall Offerings at Springwater Center End of Summer, Early Fall Offerings We can find cause and effect relations between what’s going on now and what’s happened in the past. All of us, all humanity is a result of the past. Of the whole past. In one way or another as … Read More