An exploration into The Essence of Moment to Moment Work and what it looks like when it expresses itself in a facilitator-participant relationship.

An Article by Sandra Gonzalez

Let’s start to say that the Work of This Moment is not a thing to be grasped with the mind but rather to be lived and discovered through direct insight.  It is not a technique or something that can be handed down to someone because, as I said, it is not a thing that the facilitator has that the participant doesn’t have.

Conventionally, it is said that with practice and supervision, the participant will begin to improve, and begin to change him or herself into a better “me,” always needing the supervision of the facilitator because he or she knows what’s good for the person. This only perpetuates a relationship of dependence, because both individuals are not on equal footing, but rather there is the one who knows what is the right thing for the person to do, and the other person who is asking for guidance. This ultimately creates feelings of separation. With this approach there are lots of ideas and concepts about what each person’s role is in terms of meeting together. This can foster a sense of superiority that covers a deep sense of insecurity which is never questioned, ever seeking security from the outside such as having devotees that look up to one’s teaching and guidance, giving one a sense of worth, of being somebody.  And at the same time, insecurity is perpetuated in the devotee who is seeking someone to tell him or her what is good for them, instead of being invited to look for themselves, inquiring and wondering about what needs attention right here, right now, which is the essence of this work! Isn’t it? Not knowing.

This scenario often leads to division, perpetuates insecurity and creates conflict, which can bring competition among others, instead of fostering cooperation, friendship and true learning among ourselves as equal human beings.

After saying all this, the essence of this work is completely the opposite.  Inquiring together, we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable which enables us to take a fearless honest look at what is brought to the attention. What a joy that can be!

It is acknowledging that in truth there is no other, but just human beings with a shared essence as well as a shared human conditioned mind. In this openness, in this listening that has no listener there is no hierarchy, there is no knower but rather we all are students of life and this understanding that has come to us through insight is not ours, it is universal, and has no owner, really. This allows a sense of humility to be felt. When the mind knows its limitation to understand our innermost essence, as well as to bring transformation to our life, then it is possible for change and transformation to happen on its own accord, when the time is ripe. Discovering that anything or any given situation can be an opportunity to discover what is here, we can see the real nature of what arises from moment to moment: a feeling is seen as a feeling, a thought as a thought or a story as a story. We realize that our feelings, thoughts and stories are not the truth of what I am or others are.

In discovering the connection between our thoughts and bodily responses, which trigger a whole rainbow of emotions and feelings, one can see how identification with thought and emotion brings suffering to our lives.