RM:  Explain to me what the Springwater Center for meditative Inquiry is.

SG:  Is hard to put in words what the essence of this work of Meditative Inquiry points to, since is not a method to be practiced that is handed out to participants, but is more an invitation to explore into the nature of the human conditioned mind by questioning our habitual ways of responding/reacting as we interact in our day to day living. An inquiry that starts right here, right now, listening to what arises moment to moment with a mind that doesn’t know but sees the conditioned mind that wants to know, sees the self-referential movement, the “me” circuit: which is about myself, dividing the world between “me” and the “other”.

In this exploration there is the possibility to an alternative way of living, a way of living from this openness that has no center, but wisdom, intelligence and love. No center meaning with no agenda or motive. Yet the knowing mind has its place and functionality like for planning a trip etc… I will also add that this Work is an endless learning (not accumulative) about what we are not; a learning that is the result of a wordless apprehension of what is (insight): to see the true nature of things; to see thought as thought, stories as stories and not confusing the story of myself as the truth of who I am. So, one moment there can be a reaction from conditioning or a response from this openness.

Who is there to take credit or blame?