In-person and online retreat possibilities, staff news and possibilites too

In-person and online retreat possibilities, staff news and possibilites too

News, including staff positions open 
The Center is short of staff just now and your help and patience are appreciated while a search is underway for new staff. The Center is seeking to fill positions in housekeeping, financial office and repair and maintenance. If you have a sincere interest in the Center’s meditative work and would like more information about living and working at the Center, please contact for more information. 
Putting in some time as a volunteer is a prerequisite for being on staff. If you are interested in volunteering to help with the ongoing work of preparing for retreats and maintaining the Center, please contact
Fortunately young neighbors Chris Wang Iverson and Caitlin Solano are available as hourly workers at this time to cover some of the work. Thank you, Chris and Caitlin. 
The Center is hosting a rental group on Satuday, August 26, so this is not an ideal time to plan a visit. 
Please note that the October 13-17 retreat with Stew Glick is full with a waiting list. Please email to be placed on the list. 

September 2-9 Retreat with Sandra Gonzalez and Susan Schepp 

In-person and Online
Some in-person spaces remain in this retreat. Use the green button below to register to attend, either in person or online. The retreat is now open to in-person, part-time participants, but if you have never attended retreat at the Center, it’s necessary to attend from the beginning evening of the retreat.
Sandra will give talks, meet privately with both in-person and online attendees, and engage in dialogue meetings with the in-person group and the online group. 
Sandra has been leading retreats in both English and Spanish for many years. She began working with Toni Packer in 1988. Previously, she studied for seven years at Zen centers in New York and California.
A participant in the August retreat felt that Sandra’s day 3 talk was a wonderful reflection of the work and purpose of the Center. In it, Sandra speaks of the big space in which there is the space to get in touch with what is alive in us moment to moment; the space to explore everything you need to explore. “What beauty that is!” 
Use this link to listen to the talk. 

Very sadly, due to illness, Susan Schepp will not be able to take part in this retreat in the way that was originally scheduled. She does plan to attend, and participate as much as possible.

Visit her page on the website to hear talks, and read articles by Susan. 

Register for Sept. 2-9 Retreat with Sandra and Susan In person and Online

Quiet Weeks September 10-22

Quiet Weeks offer an opportunity to create a personalized retreat while the Center enters into a modification of its day-to-day working life. There are many possibilities to connect with the Springwater teachers in both group and private settings. More information about Quiet Weeks. 

September 23-30 Seven Day Online Only Retreat with Richard Witteman

This online retreat allows us to be part of an intimate meditative community while being in our homesinterweaving the rhythms of retreat with those of our everyday lives.
There is something wonderful about experiencing the deep silence of retreat in our own homes—inviting us to incorporate the spirit of retreat into our daily living. Giving us permission that it Is all right to take time to pause and reflect and listen…to sense and feel the fullness and wonder of being. And to discover how spacious awareness is present, not just in retreat, but here in our homes, amidst the challenges of family life and relationship. 
This seven day retreat offers daily talks and sittings, open listening dialogue groups, and individual private meetings with Richard.
Richard has been leading retreats at Springwater since 2003. He began meditative work in 1971, and was a student of Roshi Philip Kapleau at the Rochester Zen Center for ten years. In 1982 he began working with Toni Packer, and has been part of Springwater Center since its inception.

Register for Sept. 23-30 Online Retreat with Richard

New Staff Member
Welcome to Dina El-Mogazi, who will work in several areas, including sharing reception responsibilities with Margaret Alleyne. Dina first came to Springwater to hear Toni Packer give a talk in 1989. Although life took her in another direction, Dina never forgot the experience of seeing Toni speak spontaneously, in the moment, as if from a completely fresh and uncluttered mind. In 2021 she rediscovered Springwater Center, and has since completed nine weeks of volunteering in the kitchen, the garden, housekeeping, reception, and as a morning retreat coordinator. Dina comes to Springwater after a career in higher education in the fields of environmental studies and sustainability.  She has also raised two children who are now 22 and 25.
Dina writes:
My journey to working and living at Springwater Center has been much like falling in love. I love the silent retreats, which remind me of a carefully refined choreography of sitting, walking, working, and being together in a flow of quiet energy. I love that there are several different teachers, each offering a unique and authentic perspective on the work of meditative inquiry.  I love the incredible beauty of the surrounding meadows and woods, where nature comes forward and offers its embrace. I look forward to working with all the staff, teachers, guests, and retreatants in the spirit of presence.


Margaret Alleyne is in the process of moving to Florida, but will continue doing reception work remotely. Tom Beall-Schwab, who has been working in the Financial Office, has left staff, but intends to return to volunteer.
Going forward, both Tom and Margaret will be working with people in new careers. Thank you, Margaret and Tom for all your work and contributions to the Center and good wishes for what life next holds for you.  

Online Offerings

Online events offer new possibilities for entering into meditation and dialogue with others. The schedule changes from time to time; please see the online offerings calendar as well as the Calendar of Events for the current schedule of online sittings, Saturday Programs and online retreats.
Online events are hosted in the Center’s usual Zoom room. Contact reception at if you need the invite link to access the room.  
There are opportunities to sit, hear a talk and dialogue with others at afternoon Saturday Programs. The next Saturday Program will be August 26, beginning at 1:30 p.m., with a sitting, followed by a recorded talk by the Center’s founder Toni Packer, then group dialogue. Hear the talk from the July 29 Program, in whichToni asks and explores why we get angry, hurt, afraid, sad. 
Access talks by Toni Packer and other teachers on the Center’s YouTube Channel
These online events are available at no cost, while donations are always appreciated to sustain the work of the Center.  Auto-debit options are also now available for your convenience.

Donate, Support Online Offerings, Become a Member
COVID Update
Scroll down the home page of the website to read the current policy. Staff make an effort to keep the website up to date with the most current requirements. If a change occurs for an event you are registered for, you’ll be notified as soon as possible.

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