Spring Update

Spring Update

Spring’s beauty is burgeoning slowly this year in Springwater. Covid precautions are in place and there is space available in all upcoming retreats with different options offered for in-person and online participation. Take a look!

Covid Update:

Vaccination plus one booster is currently required. Masks are required during in-person events. Testing is not currently required.
However, as information changes, testing requirements and availability of in-person options may be subject to change as well.
Necessary notifications will be posted on the website and/or sent via email with as much notice as possible.
Deepest gratitude for everyone’s patience and flexibility amidst this uncertain situation.

10-day Silent Retreat with Wayne Coger and Sandra Gonzalez

May 7 – 17

In-person and Online
Register here
Explore silence together with Sandra Gonzalez and Wayne Coger during this popular 10-day retreat. Participants are invited to join in full or part-time and attendance is available online and in-person.
Wayne and Sandra will alternate giving talks each day and they’ll both be available for private meetings with participants as well as the afternoon group dialogues. 
In a recent writing, Sandra wondered, Is it possible to live moment to moment, responding from simple listening instead of reacting from old ways, many that have brought division and pain into our life and relationships?
Listen and read more from Sandra.  
In a new article titled Is Meditation Enough?, Wayne says, “Life provides a rare opportunity to discover, in a moment of interest, what is helpful and what is right for us and our well-being…. Is it possible to tread very lightly, with attention and sensitivity, as we move through our daily activities? Is this what is meant by meditation, by this work? …an opening in any given moment to the reality of awareness and presence.” 
Read the full article from Wayne.
Register here for online or in-person attendance.

All Day Sitting

w/ Talk by Susan Schepp 

Saturday, May 28th
In-person event
Register by email.
Rest into a day of quiet listening. The All Day‘s optional schedule begins at 8:30 am and includes timed and untimed sittings, a talk offered by Susan Schepp, a vegetarian lunch and an afternoon group dialogue followed by refreshments.
In-person participants are invited to stay overnight as guests. Please make overnight reservations here. Register for the All-Day event via email.
The day’s talk will be broadcast live over Zoom. Please contact reception with questions or for more details.

Annual Meeting 

Sunday, May 29

In-person event with online access
The Center’s Annual Meeting will begin at 10 am on Sunday May 29th. Members may join in-person or on Zoom.
Please RSVP here for in-person attendance.
This year’s meeting will include updates on the past year’s activities, a financial report, a tabulation of the ballots for the election of two trustees and an open discussion.
A pot-luck lunch will follow the meeting for in-person attendees.
Members, your participation is important. Please mail your proxy ballot now if you have not already done so.

Seven Day Silent Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt
June 4-11
Online only
Register here.
In-person visits are available during these dates. Details below.
Stephan Bielfeldt will lead this 7-day retreat, online via Zoom, from his home near Hamburg, Germany.
Stephan has led retreats at Springwater Center since 2010. This year’s retreat will be online. The schedule will include a talk being given in the late morning, private meetings in the early morning and in the evening, and a group meeting in the afternoon.

In a talk, titled What is Awareness?, Stephan asks, “When this body-mind quiets down somewhat, whether all by itself or through a spiritual practice, is it possible to go deeper in this state of attentiveness, without trying to bring things into focus, without trying to choose, and just listen?”
Read the full transcription here.
There is still space available for full and part-time online participantion in this once a year retreat with Stephan. Register here.
Springwater Center will be open with a Quiet Weeks-type atmosphere during this retreat. Specific areas in the house will be kept in silence, while the rest of the house continues to function as it would during regular staff work hours.  
Please email Maggy at info@springwatercenter.org for more information or fill out a guest stay request to make a reservation.

Seven Day Silent Retreat 
with Richard Witteman 

June 25 – July 2
In-person and Online
Register here.

A warm welcome back to Richard Witteman as he plans to return to Springwater Center this year for the first time since Covid. 
In an article, Richard wrote, Meditation is an invitation to wonder and curiosity. An invitation to soften around our ideas of what life is or should be, and to enter into the fullness of our moment to moment experience.
Hear talks and see articles from Richard here
There is currently space available for full and part-time attendance. 
Register here to attend in-person or online. 

40th Anniversary Project
Thanks to all who submitted memories of retreats at Camp Onanda in the early 1980’s. Thanks also to those who submitted appreciations of later days at the Center. With the return of our website manager from vacation, a web page will soon be available to read the submissions. In the meantime, a poem from a Canadian Member:

Now forty years have passed
What do we see?
We call them memories —
Glimpses, mist-like
Islands scattered in the sea

Vivid and vague
Wooden cabins by a lake
That stretches far away
The air is cold
Sun glinting bright
We live this mystery day and night

Right here            
Never known                                       


Tom Nesbitt, 2022

Online Offerings

Online events offer new possibilites for sharing in the work of this moment with others. See our online offerings calendar for the schedule of online sittings, Saturday Programs and this year’s new Facilitator Dialogue Sessions.
Click here to listen to the talk from the last online Saturday Program.
In it, Toni speaks about the power of Images and Rituals. She asks, is there someone behind our thoughts who chooses to carry them out? Can one discern the difference between thinking and listening? 

Support Online Offerings

All Day Sittings in Nicaragua with Sandra Gonzalez

Springwater Center teacher, Sandra Gonzalez and her son, David Stadthagen, held numerous All-Day Sittings last winter in Sandra’s native Nicaragua. If interested in winter 2022/23 events in Nicaragua, please contact Sandra directly.

Springwater Center acknowledges that we are located on the traditional territory of the Seneca Nation. The Seneca people are members of the Haudenosaunee (hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee) Confederacy and lost communal rights to their land through the history of allotment.

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