April News Update

Welcome Spring Welcome Spring Songbirds fly busily from tree to feeder and back again. Some watching and guarding and taking possession as if they themselves went to the store and purchased both seeds and equipment. Others waiting for the opportunity to quickly grab a seed of two. It is as it is. There is hardly … Read More

Being with Oneself as One is

A talk by Susan Schepp from the  January 2019 3-day retreat in Springwater. This morning when I stepped out to go for a walk it was quite cold.  The body felt cold, it was uncomfortable, and I immediately noticed the thoughts coming up that perhaps it was too cold and I shouldn’t be going for … Read More

February/March News Update

10 Day Retreat in May and other News Schedule Change to May Retreat – now Ten Days – May 11-21 Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey gauging interest in a ten-day retreat. Results of the survey were positive and we’ve responded by changing this year’s May retreat from a seven-day to a … Read More

Survey on attending a May retreat

Please respond to our survey on attending a May retreat this year. TAKE OUR SURVEY 10 Day Retreat – May 11- 21 Thank you to all those who answered the survey that was included in the January News Update. We asked if there might be any interest in attending a 10 day retreat and the … Read More

January News Update

What's happening at Springwater Center in 2019? What’s Happening at Springwater Center in 2019? It’s not too early to begin planning your next visit to the Center. Our many retreats and events are listed on the calendar and include a three day retreat coming up this month. There is also some interest in extending one … Read More