Mid-Summer New

Summer's many opportunities to be in the peace and beauty of Springwater Invitations to Join Us It’s deep into summer here in Springwater with warm days, sudden showers and firefiles flickering in the night. Nature is entering a more mellow phase, flowering and ripening. It’s a wonderful time of year to spend some time here … Read More

Springwater Center News Update

Summer 2019 Update Summer News Summer in Springwater is as beautiful as ever. Sun, rain, warm and cool weather. We’ve got it all. There are a number of retreats planned as well as Quiet Weeks and our third annual Potluck Picnic. It’s not too late to register for any of the upcoming events. It’s a … Read More

Late Spring 2019 News Update

Everything fresh and new – from apple blossoms to a new article by Stephan Beginning Anew Hello friends – the old apple tree in front of the Center is set to burst into bloom, and we are set to welcome participants to the 35th summer of retreats in Springwater. Thirty-five years holds many moments—in our … Read More

April News Update

Welcome Spring Welcome Spring Songbirds fly busily from tree to feeder and back again. Some watching and guarding and taking possession as if they themselves went to the store and purchased both seeds and equipment. Others waiting for the opportunity to quickly grab a seed of two. It is as it is. There is hardly … Read More

Being with Oneself as One is

A talk by Susan Schepp from the  January 2019 3-day retreat in Springwater. This morning when I stepped out to go for a walk it was quite cold.  The body felt cold, it was uncomfortable, and I immediately noticed the thoughts coming up that perhaps it was too cold and I shouldn’t be going for … Read More