Spring has brought much life back to the grounds in many shapes, sizes and colors. We continue looking for ways to best serve and communicate with this community, and look forward to sharing space with all who are interested—whether that be in silence or in dialogue, in-person or online.  If you are interested in receiving our reminder mailings about events like our Saturday program, please let us know and we will send you the link for a one-time approval to add you to that list.  (Some of you have already received this. It may look suspicious coming from info@springwatercenter.com instead of .org, but that’s us!)

Call for Volunteers!

There are lots of exciting things upcoming at the Center that could use extra support from people with interest.  Whether you would like to come work outdoors, or lend your talents remotely to other projects, we would love to hear from you!  No contribution is too small—from a few hours to weeks of your time.  There are also some current and expected staff vacancies to fill.  Please reach out to Stacey at info@springwatercenter.org  for more information or to coordinate details.

All Day Sitting

w/ Talk by Susan Schepp 

Saturday, May 28th
In-person event
Register by email.
Join us for a day of quiet and listening. The All Day‘s optional schedule begins at 8:30 am and includes timed and untimed sittings, a talk offered by Susan Schepp, a vegetarian lunch and an afternoon group dialogue.
In-person participants are invited to stay overnight as guests. Please make overnight reservations here. Register for the All-Day event via email.
The day’s talk will be broadcast live over Zoom. Please contact reception with questions at info@springwatercenter.org or for more details.

Annual Meeting 

Sunday, May 29th

In-person event with online access
The Center’s Annual Meeting will begin at 10 am on Sunday May 29th. Members may join in-person or on Zoom.
Please RSVP here for in-person attendance by 5/26 if you have not already.
This year’s meeting will include updates on the past year’s activities, a financial report, a tabulation of the ballots for the election of two trustees and an open discussion.
A pot-luck lunch will follow the meeting for in-person attendees.
Seven Day Silent Retreat with Stephan Bielfeldt
June 4-11
Online only
Register here.
Options available to visit the Center and participate in the online retreat. Details below.
Stephan Bielfeldt will lead this 7-day retreat, online via Zoom, from his home near Hamburg, Germany.
Stephan has led retreats at Springwater Center since 2010. This year’s retreat will be online. The schedule will include timed sittings, a talk being given in the late morning, private meetings in the early morning and in the evening, and a group meeting in the afternoon.

In a talk, titled What is Meditation?, Stephan said, “There is no need to describe in words what you see and hear and feel. The moment is a gift. It is there, just as it is. In the stillness of awareness, it is possible to go deeper into the moment, to open up more, to understand more and become even more aware. Awareness is not a superficial thing.”
Read the full transcription here.
There is still space available for full and part-time online participantion in this once a year retreat with Stephan. Register here.
We will be open to guests wanting to participate in the online retreat while staying at the Center.  Participants will need their own device to sign into talks and dialogues, and bells for sitting will be accessible online and in the Sitting Room.  Silence will be maintained in the building, as in usual retreat style, and meals will be available (some will be self-serve).  
Please email Stacey at info@springwatercenter.org for more information or fill out a guest stay request to make a reservation.
Seven Day Silent Retreat
with Richard Witteman 

June 25 – July 2
In-person and Online
Register here.
Richard will be at the Center to facilitate this late June/ early July retreat.  We are almost at capacity for in-person participants, so please reach out if you’d like to join us at the Center.  We also welcome online participants for this retreat.

Richard writes, Retreat is an invitation to wonder and curiosity. An invitation to soften around our ideas of what life is or should be… entering into the fullness of our moment to moment experience – alone and with one another. To be here in the same spirit of curiosity we had as children, where everything is fresh and unknown.

An invitation to pause and slow down – to see and feel and listen, question and explore. To be intimately in silence, in the living nature of what is here. Simply being… resting in the wonder of awareness.
Hear talks and see articles from Richard here 
Register here to attend in-person or online. 

Online Offerings

Online events offer new possibilities for sharing in the work of this moment with others. See our online offerings calendar for the schedule of online sittings, Saturday Programs and this year’s new Facilitator Dialogue Sessions.  The first Facilitator Dialogue Session earlier this year was well attended and generated some great questions to kick off the next session on  October 15.
Click here to listen to the talk from the last online Saturday Program. In it, Toni speaks about effort and effortlessness, energy and the system of resistance, and discipline.
Support Online Offerings

Still to come this summer…

We are looking forward to Les Schaffer’s online retreat, another All Day Sitting, the annual Talent Show with potluck lunch, and Bob Dattola’s in-person retreat.  If you’d like to plan ahead, we are accepting reservations for all upcoming events!
COVID Updates
In response to the dynamic nature of COVID, we make every effort to keep our website up-to-date with most current information and requirements. If a change occurs for an event you are registered for, we will notify you with as much notice possible. 

Springwater Center acknowledges that we are located on the traditional territory of the Seneca Nation. The Seneca people are members of the Haudenosaunee (hoe-dee-no-SHOW-nee) Confederacy and lost communal rights to their land through the history of allotment.
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