Summer is here!  The daylight is lasting longer, the variety of residential critters are done hiding from the cold, and there are many summer offerings and updates to share!

Staff Opening at Springwater Center

The Center is preparing to bid farewell for now to Kieran Mead-Ward, and his partner Gabrielle Maisels.  Kieran has contributed in many ways to the upkeep and functioning of the Center over a number of years. As bittersweet as goodbyes are, with this goodbye comes an opportunity for an interested person to join the Center’s staff. The position calls for good skills in the area of repair and maintenance of buildings and grounds. The main benefit is the opportunity to attend many retreats and to work with the Center’s meditative community in the spirit of the work of its founder Toni Packer. A five-week period of volunteering is a requirement before being accepted on staff. If you have interest or questions about joining staff or scheduling time to come visit and volunteer, please email

40th Anniversary 

Thanks to old friends who contributed photos, artwork and written appreciations of their time at the Center, whether during its early years when it operated from a rented house on Mount Hope Avenue in Rochester (shown in the photo) or years later when the Springwater facility was built. A special website page has been created for the anniversary submissions. Visit it here, and if you feel inspired to contribute to it yourself, send your submission to
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Four Day Silent Online Retreat with Les Schaffer
July 15-19th
Register here.
Options available to visit the Center and participate in the online retreat. Details below.
Les Schaffer will lead this 4-day retreat, online via Zoom, from his home in Western MA.
Les worked for many years with Toni Packer and was encouraged by her to share the work of meditative inquiry with others. This online retreat will include timed sittings, a talk being given in the late morning, and private meetings in the early morning and in the evening. 
Les wrote, “I personally favor unstructured meditation that goes along with a curiosity that unmasks even my very self. Yet I delight in discussing whatever is one’s favorite method or approach to meditation, perhaps because I seek the method to my madness. I have always been curious about people, and their inquiries, ideals, and expectations… My own meditation motto is meager and simple, ‘try all you want, but by all means fail’”.
There is still space available for full and part-time online participantion in this retreat with Les. Register here.
Springwater Center will be open to guests wanting to participate in the online retreat while staying at the Center.  Participants will need their own device to sign into talks, and bells for sitting will be accessible online and in the Sitting Room either live or via Zoom.  Silence will be maintained in the building, as in usual retreat style, and meals will be available (some will be self-serve).  
Please email Stacey at

All Day Sitting

w/ Talk by Bob Dattola 

Saturday, July 30th
In-person event
Register by email.
Come join for a day of quiet and listening. The All Day‘s optional schedule begins at 8:30 am and includes timed and untimed sittings, a talk offered by Bob Dattola, a vegetarian lunch and an afternoon group dialogue.
In-person participants are invited to stay overnight as guests. Please make overnight reservations here. Register for the All-Day event via email.
The day’s talk will be broadcast live over Zoom. Please contact reception with questions at or for more details.

Annual Talent Show and Potluck Lunch

Online and In-Person on July 31st

Come join for a day of fun, food, laughter, music and friendship at Springwater Center. Bring the whole family.

Bring your favorite vegetarian/vegan dish to pass as well as outdoor seating…Help add to the fun by sharing your talent: bring your instruments, juggling sticks, dancing feet or whatever you’ve got

RSVP by July 30 to Hope to see you.

Seven Day Silent Retreat
In-Person with Bob Dattola 

August 6-13
Register here.

Bob will be at the Center to facilitate this August retreat.  It is currently at capacity for in-person participants, but is still accepting requests to join the wait list.  Daily talks can also be heard live over Zoom.

He writes that, “Important questions for [me] over the years have been ‘What is Truth or Reality?’ and ‘Where can Truth be found?’” Many people have commented on the clarity, energy and simplicity of Bob’s talks.

Hear talks and see articles from Bob here 
Email Stacey at to be added to the waitlist or for remote access to daily talks. 

Un Día de Meditativa Indagación y Retiros de Silencio en Español
Evento en línea el 21 de Agosto
Springwater se complace en anunciarles que ofrecerá un día de Meditación Indagativa en Español y Inglés. Este Sera facilitado por Sandra Gonzalez via zoom desde Springwater Center y sera un día Domingo, Agosto 21. Comenzando a las 8:00 am con meditaciones formales, charla en la mañana y tiempos libre entre cada actividad. Finalizando el día con un Grupo de Dialogo a las 4:00 pm. Envíe un correo electrónico a Stacey a para registrarse.

Springwater is pleased to announce that it will offer a day of Inquiry Meditation in Spanish and English. This will be facilitated by Sandra Gonzalez via zoom from the Springwater Center and will take place on Sunday, August 21. Starting at 8:00am with timed sittings, a talk in the morning, and free time between each activity. The day will end with a Dialogue Group at 4:00pm. Email Stacey at to register.
Quiet Weeks

August 14-26, September 4-16, November 5-11
Quiet Weeks offer an opportunity to create a personalized retreat while the Center enters into a modification of its day-to-day working life. There are opportunities to connect with the Springwater teachers in both group and private settings. An extended retreat may be created by combining these Quiet Weeks with attendance at the adjacent retreats. To register to attend all or part of the Quiet Weeks, you can request a guest stay here 

Online Offerings

Online events offer new possibilities for sharing in the work of this moment with others. See our online offerings calendar for the schedule of online sittings, Saturday Programs and this year’s new Facilitator Dialogue Sessions.  
Click here to listen to the talk from the last online Saturday Program. In it, Toni asks questions like: What is Meditation?, How simple can awareness be?, and Do practices re-create the ‘me’?
These events are available at no cost, while donations are always appreciated to sustain the work of the Center.  Auto-debit options are also now available for your convenience.
Support Online Offerings

Still to come this late summer and fall…

There is more to look forward to with Sandra Gonzalez’s and Susan Schepp’s retreat, Richard Witteman’s retreat, Stew Glick’s retreat, Online Teacher/Facilitator Dialogue Session and another All Day Sitting.  If you’d like to plan ahead, reservations are being being accepted for all upcoming events!
Please note a change to the calendar for November!  Sandra Gonzalez’s retreat has shifted dates to Nov 12-19.

Update to the Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for in-person retreat attendance has been modified. It now reads:
Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel an in-person retreat. If a retreat is full and we cannot accept your application, we’ll refund the entire fee. You are not considered fully registered until you have paid in full. If you cancel two weeks or more before retreat begins, there will be a cancellation fee of $50. If you cancel within 2 weeks of the start of the retreat, we’ll refund you half of the retreat fee. If you cancel within 48 hours of the start of retreat, barring emergencies, we reserve the right to retain the entire retreat payment.
COVID Updates
In response to the dynamic nature of COVID, we make every effort to keep our website up to date with the most current information and requirements. If a change occurs for an event you are registered for, we will notify you with as much notice possible. 

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