Fall Arrives…

…and there is a bit of settling from the busyness of summer. One can see the trees slowly beginning to don their coats of colors readying for a winter’s rest. As the Center winds down we invite you to register for the remaining retreats of the year, All Day Sittings, Quiet Weeks and guest stays. Details are below…

October 12-16, Four Day Silent Retreat with Stew Glick

Stew worked for many years as the administrator of the Center, where he gained a wealth of experience meeting and talking to people about their daily lives as well as the meditative work. Stew now lives in Rochester, NY where he and his wife Lisa Schwartz regularly meet with people interested in meditative inquiry at their home.
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November 3, All Day Sitting

All are welcome to attend Saturday All Day Sittings, beginning at 8:30 a.m.and ending at 4:00 p.m. The day includes timed and untimed sittings, a talk, vegetarian lunch, afternoon dialogue group and refreshments/social time from 3:30 – 4:00. Contact us to register.

November 11-18, Seven Day Silent Retreat with Sandra Gonzalez

Sandra spends much of the year in Springwater. She also leads or participates in several retreats away from Springwater each year. When not at Springwater she spends time at her home in Nicaragua. In Springwater Sandra gives talks in English but in private meetings she will speak in Spanish with participants if they wish.
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November 19-30, Quiet Weeks

Quiet Weeks offer the opportunity to design your own retreat–with options for timed and open sitting, group dialogues, and individual meetings with teachers in residence. You may attend as many days as you like. Contact us for reservations. The November Quiet Weeks will end with an All-Day Sitting on December 1.

Center Closed

October 1-8 for Staff Break
October 26-27 for Staff Retreat
The Center will not be receiving guests while closed.

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

See the Calendar page of the website for remaining events in 2018. The 2019 Calendar is nearly finalized and will soon be posted.

Renovations Completed in Room One

After several months of hard work Room One is equipped with a full bathroom and kitchenette. This mini apartment is now available for guest stays, Quiet Weeks and retreats. Contact us for contribution rates and reservations.
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